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Guess who was caught using a ClipDifferent Pro to trim his nails?

On Average, nails grow about 4 mm per month for the duration of one’s life and are ready to be groomed every 7 days. Even Santa’s 🎅

Change Does Not Happen Overnight and true systemic change never will. It is with careful nurturing, educating, and persisting that lasting change is brought about. It was in response to a need for innovation that ClipDifferent was born. The founder, Tom McMullen Jr., developed and worked on the technology for close to 40 years. He worked tirelessly to bring awareness to a new way to clip nails, the ClipDifferent! We are as excited as a kid on Christmas morning with the new innovation that lies ahead…

IPDWP 2021 This December, we join the United Nations in honoring and promoting International Day of Persons With Disability. The theme this year is, “Leadership and participation of persons with disabilities toward an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post-COVID-19 world.”

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Order Early for Holiday Delivery! “It is so effortless to trim your nails with the ClipDifferent adaptive fingernail clipper that anyone can use it!” A perfect gift for everyone on your list.

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Covid hit everyone in a unique way. Do you recall when the pandemic first hit the shortage of PPE supplies? ClipDifferent was able to leverage relationships and supply multiple care facilities and hospitals when the alternative was none. Now, as supply chains hit a bottle-neck again, ClipDifferent has access to large quantities of Nitrile Exam Gloves. Reach out directly to Melanie if you’re having trouble sourcing those.

Research + Development + Feedback have identified underserved individuals in nail care. In a big way! There is a very dedicated team on this side of the computer working continuously to offer solutions so parents have ease, kids feel empowered, and everyone has the opportunity to safely maintain their own nails independently. Regardless of age or life circumstances. (Hint Hint)

Question For The Team? Suggestion? Feel like sharing what products or assistive technology would improve a life? Have your own ClipDifferent story to tell?

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